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SHS spotlights evolving seafarer and shipping industry needs

The Seafarer Hospital Society’s maritime KPI toolkit will be unveiled at its upcoming
conference focused on changing regulations, training and upskilling, recruitment and
retention, DEI and ESG, and health and welfare for maritime workers.

London, 24 January 2024: Seafarers Hospital Society (SHS) is addressing maritime’s goals
of embedding greater resilience, collaboration and sustainability across the supply chain by bringing together industry leaders, experienced healthcare providers, HR and crew management specialists, and young cadets at an in-person conference. Titled ‘Sustainability at Sea: Why Seafarers’ Health Matters,’ the event will take place on 16 February 2024 at London’s Trinity House, and launch SHS’ key performance indicator (KPI) toolkit to help organisations track regulatory compliance and year-on-year impact on seafarer health and welfare.

The event will feature an opening address by Nusrat Ghani, Minister of State for Industry and Economic Security of the United Kingdom, in addition to a presentation on key findings from ongoing research into seafarer fatigue by The Department forTransport (UK). Sandra Welch, CEO of the Seafarers Hospital Society, said “The maritime industry is increasingly turning to benchmarking and data-led solutions to demonstrate value and progress to a wide variety of stakeholders — and crew capacity and resilience underpins these endeavours and our wider global supply chains. Benchmarking the health and welfare of maritime workers will ensure that our industry is tracking its successes, proving value and identifying gaps so that these can be addressed. In addition to benefiting organisations and their workers, collecting this data will increase transparency, clearer communication and greater collaboration between stakeholders.”

With panels offering a mix of high-level oversight of industry issues and practical methods to support the health and welfare of maritime workers, discussions at the Sustainability at Sea event will consider key issues for the sector. These include what the future of the maritime workforce looks like, ongoing challenges and opportunities when developing new recruitment hubs, creating and implementing good workplace policies and company cultures, supporting the physical and mental health of maritime workers, and best practices when it comes to advancing maritime worker careers.

Speakers sharing their insights will include representatives from the International Maritime Organisation, The International Chamber of Shipping, the UK Chamber of Shipping, Nautilus International, Intermanager, HFW, Inmarsat, Ocean Technologies Group, The Nautical Institute, TogetherAll, and more.

The event is free to attend and open to press and members of the maritime industry. Find more information on the programme at on the SHS website and register to secure your place here.