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What is Neurodiversity?

We all experience and interact with the world in a way that makes sense to us. Neurodiversity highlights the idea that there’s no one right way to think, learn, behave or feel. Neurodiversity is used as a way to describe the different ways human brains work because there’s no single definition of “normal” when it … Continued

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Create your own mental fitness routine.

By Togetherall As Seafarers, you perform an admirable service and know that the qualities of being physically fit and eating well are the very essence of good health. However, have you also considered that mental fitness is equally as important?  Your mental health effectively equals 50% of your overall health, so it should go hand … Continued

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Taking health services to the quayside.

Carol Elliott, Programme Manager of the SeaFit Programme explains how taking health services to the quayside and working in partnership with the NHS and other health providers has helped to increase access to healthcare for fishermen and their families in coastal areas around the UK.

The SeaFit Programme is a joint initiative run by the Fishermen’s Mission (TFM) and Seafarers Hospital Society (SHS). We work in partnership to provide health services at the quayside to improve the health and wellbeing of fishermen and their families.

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Managing feelings of loneliness and Isolation.

In a time when we can instantly be connected to anyone in the world, why is loneliness and isolation at the forefront of our mental health conversations? Covid-19 isolation mandates, polarizing politics, and societal injustices have all caused feelings of uncertainty, anger, sadness and isolation.

When our means of connection have changed so much in three years, we can feel whiplash at the thought of how and when to socialize. The 2020s have highlighted the question: what does it mean to be connected to others and are we really feeling lonely?

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Our people

We have a dedicated and motivated team at the Seafarers Hospital Society that is responsive to the needs of our beneficiaries.

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News and publications

The Seafarers Hospital Society offers a selection of free publications which we hope will be of interest to you.

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Our history

The Seafarers Hospital Society was founded in 1821 as the Seamen’s Hospital Society, by a group of philanthropists in response to the increasing number of homeless and impoverished seafarers living on the streets of London after the Napoleonic wars. In 2021 the Society celebrates its bicentenary. Read more about our illustrious history with a walk through our interactive timeline.

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