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Our work with seafarers in 2023


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Fast-track physiotherapy

Working as a seafarer is one of the UK's most challenging jobs and the number of work-related injuries is high. Time spent at sea means it can be difficult to get treatment, so the Seafarers Hospital Society supports free, fast-track physiotherapy for working seafarers.

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Mental health and wellbeing

Working at sea can be challenging to your mental health too. We fund Togetherall to offer a free, confidential online service to seafarers who need help with mental health and wellbeing issues. It includes access to trained counsellors, a support network, self-help materials and one-to-one therapy.

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Grants to seafarers

Life can be unpredictable, no matter how carefully you plan. Sudden illness, unexpected changes in circumstances, the loss of someone you love - can cause financial and emotional distress. That's where we come in. We can help with unpaid bills and grants for essential household goods, disability aids and equipment, and other expenses.

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Our work on health and fitness

To help you live an independent and active life, both in work and in retirement, SHS are continually developing the work we do to meet the health and fitness needs of seafarers.

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The SeaFit Programme

SeaFit is a long-term programme designed to improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of fishermen throughout the UK. The SeaFit Programme is a joint initiative from the Seafarers Hospital Society and The Fishermenā€™s Mission, to deliver sustainable improvements in the health and wellbeing of fishers and their families around the United Kingdom.

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Dreadnought Medical Service

The Dreadnought Medical service is based at St Thomasā€™ Hospital in London. The Dreadnought Medical service offers NHS treatment for working seafarers who due to the nature of their work are unable to make routine appointments, and are not permitted to work if they have certain medical conditions, in case of an emergency whilst at sea.

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Respite Care

The Society supports caregivers by funding respite care. This gives them a temporary break from their caregiving duties and not only alleviates stress, but also restores energy and balance to their lives. If you or someone in your family needs respite care, SHS may be able to help

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Emergency responseĀ 

If you are a seafarer and have been affected by Covid-19, we are here working hard to support you during the pandemic in a number of ways.

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Seafarers Advice & Information Line

The Seafarersā€™ Advice & Information Line (SAIL) is an advice and information service provided exclusively for seafarers and their dependants.

SAIL offers free, confidential and impartial advice and information to working and former UK-based seafarers and their dependants. This now includes Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel. SAIL is run by Greenwich Citizensā€™ Advice Bureau on behalf of the Seafarers Hospital Society and has been helping seafarers since 1996.

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