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Chair of Trustees role


The Seafarers Hospital Society has been looking after the health and welfare of seafarers and their families since 1821. The Chair of Trustees plays a crucial role at the centre of the charity’s work, promoting its continued development and success.
Principal Responsibilities


  • Working with the trustees to guide the Society in its overall vision and strategy, while preserving its identity and maintaining its core values;
  • Supporting the CEO in her or his leadership of the organisation and pursuit of its aims and objectives;
  • Ensuring the Society has an effective longer-term strategy, relevant policies and up-to-date business and staffing plans, commensurate with its ambitions and resources.


  • Providing oversight of the good governance of the Society, including compliance with all relevant laws and regulations as a charity;
  • Setting, with the CEO, the agenda for trustees‚Äô meetings, reviewing a schedule for the year, including the presentation of the completed annual report and accounts and an annual meeting of the Society;
  • Having oversight of the Society‚Äôs finances, and supporting the Treasurer and the CEO in ensuring that donations, grants, earned income and expenditures are systematically accounted for, audited and publicly reported, and that monies are invested to the greatest benefit of the Society;
  • Overseeing the best use of consultants and advisors ‚Äď including auditors, investment managers, and surveyors ‚Äď as required for good governance and accountability; Ensuring that trustees contribute effectively to the good governance of the Society and reviewing their performance;
  • Making recommendations in consultation with the CEO on the composition of the trustee body (with a view to succession);
  • Helping recruit trustees with specific and relevant expertise;
  • Ensuring that all trustees receive appropriate advice, training and information relating to their role;
  • Leading a periodic review of governance: the structure, role and relationship of trustees to staff, consultants and partner organisations, and implementing changes as necessary.


  • Offering guidance on the external relations of the Society, including work with partner organisations such as the Seafarers‚Äô Advice and Information Line;
  • Contributing, in close coordination with the CEO, to the external communications of the Society;
  • Promoting good relations with other marine charities and third sector bodies linked to the work of the Society;
  • Helping ensure appropriate links with government departments and public sector agencies relevant to the Society‚Äôs work.

Staffing and Communication

  • Guiding, supporting and reviewing the work of the CEO;
  • Receiving regular progress reports of the Society‚Äôs work through the CEO, and communicating key elements of these to trustees as appropriate;
  • Advising, interviewing and helping to select staff and consultants when required; Offering independent oversight of any external or internal matters of concern or complaint;
  • Ensuring overall compliance with current employment and equal opportunities legislation and good practice;
  • Promoting equality of opportunity and the health and welfare of staff.

The position is unremunerated although the Society will cover appropriate travel and other expenses directly related to the role.

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