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Registrations now open for SHS Seminar: ‘Supporting Seafarers into the Future’

Seafarers Hospital Society is launching the findings of its landmark study of maritime worker health initiatives at its seminar on Friday 26 November 2021. The study, conducted by Yale University, looks into the effectiveness of the various maritime worker health initiatives taken by shipping companies, charities and the wider maritime sector to keep seafarers healthy and safe.

Dr Martin Slade, Director of Yale University Maritime Research Centre and project lead, and Dr Olivia Swift, Senior Programme Manager at Lloyd’s Register Foundation will present their findings and make recommendations for the future.

The seminar, entitled ‘Supporting Seafarers into the Future,’ will be held from 10am – 3pm BST. As an acknowledgement of ongoing issues with Covid-19, this will be a hybrid meeting: attendees are welcome to join us at Trinity House in London, while those unable to attend in person are welcome to join us via our Vimeo livestream.

The event will also feature a celebration of 200 years of Seafarers Hospital Society, as well as the launch of the SeaFit Programme’s Project Report by David Dickens, CEO of The Fishermen’s Mission and Carol Elliott, SeaFit Programme Manager. SeaFit is a joint initiative between the Seafarers Hospital Society and The Fishermen’s Mission that delivers sustainable improvements in the health and wellbeing of fishers and their families around the United Kingdom.

‘Supporting Seafarers into the Future’ will also host a panel discussion on seafarer health and welfare into the future with input from:

  • Dr Martin Slade, Yale University Maritime Research Centre
  • Robin Lewitt, TogetherAll
  • Dr Abrie Both, Consultant Dreadnought Medical Service GSST
  • Dr Olivia Swift, Lloyd’s Register Foundation

This discussion will bring together key findings from the study of maritime worker health initiatives and place it in a larger context of physical health and mental health services available to seafarers within the United Kingdom. This will allow us to reflect on existing conditions for seafarers working in the UK, as well as what is needed to ensure the safety and welfare of seafarers of the future.

Click here to register for the event.