Nautilus Covid19 application process


If you are a Nautilus member affected by Covid19 and in need of assistance, you must:

  • Call SAIL to ask for advice on what benefits and support you are entitled to – go to or call 0800 160 1842
  • Apply for the benefit(s) SAIL has advised and provide proof of having done so
  • Ask your mortgage provider or landlord for a 3 month ‘holiday’


Collect any relevant information required by SHS for the application. This includes:

  • Recent bank statement
  • Information on any savings
  • Any final demands from utilities (if appropriate)
  • Details of landlord or mortgage provider
  • Council Tax bill
  • Details of credit card or other debts


Complete the application form (download here). Please ensure you give your consent to share your information if necessary with other charities.

Save and then email the completed application form and any relevant documents to SHS on

Put Nautilus Covid19 application in the subject box and use the narrative element of the form to clarify your family situation, needs and what you’re applying for.


SHS will process your application within a few days and will pay a grant according to the terms agreed by Nautilus. Payments will be made directly to you as long as you’ve provided details of your bank account.

For more information contact Lysanne Wilson on 020 8858 3898.