SHS discussion paper outlines data tracking framework for seafarer wellbeing

What is Neurodiversity?

We all experience and interact with the world in a way that makes sense to us. Neurodiversity highlights the idea that there’s no one right way to think, learn, behave or feel. Neurodiversity is used as a way to describe the different ways human brains work because there’s no single definition of “normal” when it … Continued

SHS to explore sustainability and crew welfare synergies at LISW23

The Seafarers Hospital Society will convene a panel of key industry stakeholders for a wide ranging discussion on potential intersections between decarbonisation, crewing strategies and seafarer welfare.  The Seafarers Hospital Society (SHS) will host a virtual panel discussion on the opportunity for synergy between decarbonisation and crew welfare improvements en route to Net Zero at … Continued

SHS launches guide to support seafarer healthcare interactions

The Seafarers Hospital Society has launched a free Seafarer Health Consultation Guide to assist interactions between seafarers and health professionals with the aim of improving healthcare outcomes and meeting the unique needs of seafarers. Seafarers often work for long periods without access to normal healthcare provisions while being required to meet internationally agreed-upon medical fitness … Continued

Seafarer Health Consultation Guide

The aim of this guide is to steer both seafarers and health professionals through their encounters with one another in ways that improve outcomes and contribute to ensuring that both the general and special health care needs of seafarers are met. The focus of this guide is on seafarers based in the UK, but many … Continued

Let’s SHOUT about it!

A free 24/7 confidential text service for fishermen.   The Fishermen’s Mission and the Seafarers Hospital Society are delighted that their latest SeaFit project has been shortlisted in the ‘Innovation of the Year’ category (a new category) for this year’s Fishing News Awards. The category recognises an innovation that has brought demonstrable benefit to the … Continued

Exercise videos

Preventative exercises are a vital means to help avoid injury caused by the physical demands and repetitive nature of work as a seafarer. Repetitive strain injuries and musculoskeletal issues, often caused by heavy lifting, are common long-term health issues reported by seafarers.

SHS discussion paper outlines data tracking framework for seafarer wellbeing

The Seafarers Hospital Society has launched a discussion paper titled ‘Seafarers’ Health: On Course for a Culture of Care’ which establishes possible key performance indicators (KPIs) for ship owners and operators to measure the effectiveness of strategies aimed at improving seafarer health and wellbeing. The discussion paper offers industry stakeholders practical steps to introduce cost … Continued

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